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Debt Consolidation Is About Taking Back Control

Once you’ve found yourself in debt, it can feel like scaling a mountain that grows taller faster than you can climb. Debt has a sneaky way of adding up, and paying it down can be a major challenge. If you own a home, you should consider a debt consolidation program – a proven method for reducing the amount of money wasted on interest.

How It Works

Caliver Beach’s debt consolidation program helps you because it…

  • turns a bundle of high-interest bills into one or two manageable payments
  • saves hundreds of dollars every month (as much as $1,000 per month) by eliminating high-interest debts
  • pays off debt faster with less paid in interest
  • moves your debt into more tax-friendly mortgage payments. Consult your tax advisor.

What creditors don’t want you to know

There’s a reason that creditors allow their customers to make minimum payments, because it makes them rich.

Revolving debts, like credit cards, will continually compound interest throughout the life of the loan. Only a miniscule fraction of a minimum payment actually goes toward the principal. That way the loan lingers for a long time, all the while funneling thousands of dollars in interest to the creditor. Even if you have fixed-rate loans, you might benefit from the lower rates and tax benefits of consolidating them into your mortgage payment. Consult your tax advisor.

Caliver Beach helps you leverage your home equity to put an end to these high-interest debts. With the debt consolidation program, you replace those loans with one or two tax-deductible, lower-interest, lower-payment loans. Again, consult your tax advisor.

What you do with the extra cash every month is up to you. Use it for home improvement, save for education or retirement, or pay off your debts sooner.

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