Company History & Philosophy

Joseph Kowitz is the owner of Caliver Beach.  Our focus is in serving our clients and specializing in the procurement of the very best financing with a variety of programs to offer.

Specialties include FHA Streamline – VA Streamline for our vets, no holds barred great fixed rate loans available, interim fixed and variables while working towards minimum or eliminating closing costs.

We have a great deal of experience and expertise for those borrowers with credit problems including bankruptcy and foreclosure. With over 22,000 combined loans closed over the careers of our loan originators, our experience puts us in an elite class of mortgage professionals. Experience we’d like to put to work for you.

This experience and expertise makes Caliver Beach an ideal candidate for your residential financing needs. It’s this type of volume that gives them the skill to handle not only standard loans but also the ability to manipulate almost every conceivable problem that can arise.

Joseph is quick to point out that even the simplest loans can be challenging due to interest rate sensitivity. By tailoring each and every loan and continually putting your clients best foot forward, you can often reduce the best of rates by an additional 1/8 to 1/4 of a percent.

Our team spends the greater part of their day analyzing close to 50 rate sheets to ensure that we’re well informed and our clients are receiving the best quotes available.

It’s this commitment to excellence and 20+ years in real estate experience that makes Caliver Beach and excellent choice for all of your mortgage needs.