Strategic Partners

Turning Down A Loan Request is No Fun

But some loans just don’t fit the profile you’re looking for. Caliver Beach wants to help you offer your customers an alternative financing solution, and turn these situations into a positive experience. By referring your customer to us, you’ll provide the kind of service that’ll build goodwill and customer loyalty for you. Who can benefit from a partnership with Caliver Beach?

  • Bankers
  • Realtors
  • Financial Planners
  • Insurance Agents
  • Accountants
  • Collection Professionals
  • Credit Issuers
  • Anyone with customers who are not getting the financing they need
  • Builders
  • Past and Current Clients

If you have customers that need help paying off their debts, Caliver Beach may be able to help. Our programs give homeowners the option to borrow against their equity to pay off their debts in full. Most often, we can accomplish this even if they’ve been denied a loan by other lenders. Once your customers consolidate all their monthly debt into one lower payment, they’ll breathe easier. Interest on their new monthly payment may even be tax-deductible.* Plus, they can arrange to have cash left over to spend as they wish. And unlike other lenders, we can prequalify your customer in as little as 24 hours and deliver their funds in days, not months. Which means everyone comes out ahead.

*Consult a tax advisor.